Series MLD
Low Propane Fuel Gauge for Propane Forklifts


MLD is a low propane level sensor that detects when a cylinder has enough LPG remaining for up to ten minutes of operation. This gives the forklift operator time to complete a job and exchange cylinders in a safe area. Reliable in all conditions, it ensures forklifts will never run out of gas - increasing propane forklift safety and saving money.

Key Advantages
  • Certified propane level detector that is proven reliable in all conditions
  • Increases forklift safety by eliminating breakdowns during a risky job
  • Enhances productivity since LPG forklifts never run out of gas
  • Saves money by preventing cylinder changes while they still contain a lot of LPG
  • Highly cost-effective low propane gas gauge that is easy to install
  • Gas types:For LPG, Butane or Propane
  • Max Pressure:35 bar
  • Inlet outlet thread:¼" NPT
  • Temperature range:-25°C to 50°C (-13°F to 122°F)
  • Power supply:12V DC (10-16V)
  • Power consumption:0,15A
  • Switching power:1.5A max
  • Alarm signals:Visual LED warning
  • Power connection:Cable with plug (included)
  • Hoses:Must be ordered separately
Kit Contents
  • MLD and 25 cm cable with Tyco Pin
  • Connector
  • Mounting bracket (incl. 2 spacers, screws, washers, nuts)
  • LED signal light (for dashboard)
  • Extension cable 2.5m (incl. Tyco Pin Connector)
  • User manual/mounting instructions
Download Technical Manual
Get information about the MLD low LPG level sensor with specifications, installation procedures, components, recommended uses and much more. Download.