How MLD works
It is a Low Propane Level Detector that Senses the Vapor Phase of LPG

MLD serves as a low propane fuel gauge – not a pressure gauge. Once the liquid phase in the cylinder is nearly depleted, the vapor phase of LPG passes into the system. MLD detects this change and alerts the operator that it is time to replace the cylinder. This occurs when there is enough time for the driver to finish a job and return safely to the exchange cabinet. The digital technology used in MLD has been proven to be extremely reliable over many years, as it is used in “fill-stop” devices, produced by Rotarex SRG, that are in service throughout Europe.

MLD is patented and has received UL & CE approval.

Installing MLD

It takes less than an hour to install MLD. All components needed for installation are included in the MLD kit.

MLD is very simple to mount.
Just attach it between the cylinder connection and the motor, then connect the electricity and warning light. No special equipment or tools are needed. Training is not required.

Position mld as close as possible to the cylinder
Avoid positioning MLD next to heat sources such as the exhaust system or engine.
Fix mld in an upright position using “this side up” as indicated.
First fix the MLD bracket onto the forklift using suitable screws.
Connect lpg fuel lines to mld – flow can go in either direction
Connect the fuel lines with suitable sealant. Perform a leak test at the hose/MLD connection when done.
Align mld horizontally
Achieve proper alignment by turning MLD within the bracket and fix the correct position by tightening the screws.
Join the electrical connectors
Perform the electrical installation of MLD according to the wiring diagram provided.