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MLD is the Latest Innovation from Rotarex SRG

Two industry-leading companies, each with a long history of technical excellence and innovation, came together in the year 2000. Schultz Rackow Gastechnik (SRG) was founded in 1934 and grew to become the world’s leading provider of premium LPG valves and regulators. Rotarex, which recently celebrated its 90th anniversary, is now a global provider of valves, regulators and systems that you’ll find in Ariane rockets, clean rooms, medical labs, industrial operations, fire protection systems and hundreds of other gas applications.

Now known as Rotarex SRG, a Business Unit of Rotarex SA, its products set the standard of reference in the LPG industry for quality, innovation and dependability.

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Rotarex SRG Products

The highly reliable MLD low propane fuel gauge for propane forklifts that improves forklift safety while saving money is the latest in a long line of technologically advanced products in Rotarex SRG’s LPG portfolio.

Large LPG Tanks
Valves, regulators and level gauges for large capacity LPG tank filling and storage.
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Portable LPG Tanks
Valves, regulators and safety equipment for consumer LPG applications.
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A Global Footprint
You can find MLD and other Rotarex SRG products wherever you are. Please contact the sales office that is closest to you.